Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sam and Mak.
Lately, Samuel has become quite opinionated.
From standing with his hands on his hips in defiance,
to letting you know in no uncertain terms that he loves you.
Tonight, he has been a wealth of "isms".
"You have to call the neighbor because his bricks gave me a MAJOR owie!"
"Police Officers have guns."
"I have to call a police office because you said 'no'. I don't like that."
He is standing here right now at 10:56 pm saying
"Mommy, you have to go to bed! Mommy what's in that box? Mommy where did you get me?"
The last one caught my attention.
I looked at him and said, "I got you from Heavenly Father."
Which started a whole new line of questioning.
"Mommy, where is Heavenly Father? I need to see him."
"Why do you need to see him, Sam?"
" I have to tell Him something."
"What do you need to tell Him?"
"I need to tell Him 'thank you'!"
"For what?"
"For giving me to you."
Then after the hugs and moochies, he starts talking like crazy! I said,
"Sam! Let me type! I'm writing about you."
"You sending it to Heavenly Father?"
"Does Heavenly Father have a gun?"
" I want to go to my bed right now!"
I go to my bed and you cover me.
So I'm taking him to his

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