Sunday, May 27, 2012

Caught Air?

Many years ago in an attempt to quit missing the canyon drives in Utah,
my sister and I discovered the road to Martinez Lake.
When the nieces came to visit, we would ride out there,
put some speed on the old Honda Accord and laugh our heads off! 
Reminiscing with my kids today,
I told them of one instance when we had Karma Knight,
 Megan Austin, and Cassidi (our niece) in the car.
We hit the hills fast enough that as we crested one,
all three girls bumped their heads on the roof of the car as we caught air!
 We were all exhilarated! 
Belly laughs ensued and we were a very happy bunch!

This morning, I decided to pack the kids in the van, grab Grandma, and head for them thar hills.

Mom woke up this morning thinking she was in Utah.
Once I got her out of the house, she realized she wasn't.
As we approached the turn off for Martinez Lake Road, the kids were doing pretty good.
Mom was a little antsy. Makenna was the first to notice the coming rise in the road.
After we went over the first rise, the road had eveyone's attention!
Within moments, we were laughing hysterically at the ride.

We didn't catch air with the vehicle (funny how parenthood changes one's perspective!),
but we caught air with our spirits.
I read somewhere recently that a parent should
 strive to make their children laugh uncontrollably at least once per day.
I scored today!
Not only were my kids laughing, but Grandma was too!
The moment is frozen in time for me.
It was almost a slow-motion moment as I caught Mom glancing back at her grandchildren,
completely carefree and unshadowed,
in the moment,
laughing with complete abandon.

This is where the drive paused:
Martinez Lake

We drove some of the backroads and crossed back over the hilly road to go to Senator's Wash.
We stopped to look at the tanks and talk about the men and women who fought in them.
This was our favorite:

Sam loved the rocket!

As we drove back into Yuma, we passed the Marine Corps Air Station.
 Mom gazed out the window and asked,
"What is that?" She motioned to the jets and helicopter at the entrance of MCAS.
My heart sank a bit as I explained.
She surprised me by commenting,
"You know, no one can stop all of this," as she motioned to herself. "It's going to happen. It just is."


I saw this area outside of the Senator's Wash area.
Reminded me of "hope" and to wish for lots of good days.
Today was a good day.