Friday, February 1, 2008

Grandma Delores and Makenna after the baby's first bath at home.
Andrew and Makenna at the hospital. He was so excited to meet her!

Little Adam and Makenna...his comment to her: "Welcome to MY world!"

Samuel and Dad looking at Makenna in the baby warmer in the nursery at the hospital.
As requested, here are more pictures of Makenna and the boys. So far, everything and everyone has been great. Makenna finally hit her birth weight again on Wednesday and she is absolutely beautiful. Wednesday, Samuel started with a fever that my thermometer measured at 102+ night of Thursday afternoon me, Debbie and Makenna took him to his doctor. They took his temp with the temporal thermometer and it registered 103.2 degrees. The nurse kind of shook her head and got the ear thermometer which registered 104.3 degrees. She excused herself and a bit later came loaded with ibuprofen (we'd been giving him Tylenol) and Pedialite. Looks like it is just a type of flu. We were over there for 3 hours while they waited for his fever to go down. By the time we left, I wasn't feeling too hot myself. By the time I got home, it became apparent that I had mastitis in one of my breasts and I hurt all over. I called my doctor and he called in an antibiotic for me. When Adam got home with it, my fever was up to 102. All I could think was if I felt this cruddy, I can imagine how poor Sam felt. It has been almost 24 hours and I am thinking the worst is past us. Sam is his happy self and my fever finally broke. I think I also got a bit of what Sam had too. I'm just saying lots of prayers that it bypasses Makenna.
When we got home yesterday from the doctor, it was to a pleasant surprise. Our bishop's family had brought dinner over for us. It almost made me cry! (okay, yes, I'm still weepy!). My kids think it is wonderful and want to know when we can do it for somebody. I'm going to have to get in touch with the person that coordinates it at church so she'll know we'd like to do that for another family.
I have to say Adam (DH) has been a blessing these last few days. I don't know how anyone does all of this by themselves. I wouldn't even want to attempt it. Makenna just started crying in her bassinet and I looked at Sam and he was staring, or rather glaring, over at her. He is just not sure what to think. He is 16 months old today. He is a big flirt and charmer. I hope he gets over his grab and pinch phase soon...


Anonymous said...

How about printing this for me so I can put it in your family file. You do such a good job. I even like the photo of me and Makenna. I love you....MA

Anonymous said...

Your babies are precious, especially the latest one!!
Take care, your cuz in AL