Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Baby James

Happy James! Gotta love that smile!
I have yet to meet a guy (let alone a baby!) that is happy in a suit and tie!

I was thinkin' this afternoon while trying desperately to take a nap that Wendy and Adam needed to send more pictures of James because they change so quickly at this age. Then, lo and behold, I go to my email and Adam has sent more pictures~so I had to post some here. I believe he is 3 months old tomorrow! Geez, time flies when life is happening. There is a story behind the suit. I got it for ATC and all of the boys have worn it. I'm glad they were able to have him wear it before he outgrew it!

I can hardly wait for Adam, Wendy and James to visit or for us to get up to Utah to see them.
They are doing an amazing job between work, school, and parenthood. It'll be fun to get the kids together...especially for Andrew I think. He is the caretaker of the family and loves to see the pictures of James when they come.

We are blessing Makenna at church on Sunday and I wish so much that they could be here with us. But, when we do get together, it'll be good food and fun! And noisy...and smell like baby diapers....hmmm....

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pztpaco34 said...

Tell ATC congratulations! He deserves it!