Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Samuel Camarena DOB 10/1/06

James Paulukaitis DOB 11/29/07

Makenna Camarena DOB 1/21/08
I thought this would be an interesting comparison of the "latest additions" to the Camarena family. There is definitely a lot of family resemblance among the three babies.
Sam is having a hard time sharing my attention with Makenna. I feel so bad for him because he doesn't understand. Thanks heavens for his dad and for him being available to give Sam extra love. I'll be glad when everything becomes routine! The funny thing is I miss Sam too. He is such a sweet baby.
My mom came over and watched Sam and Andrew while I took the baby with me to get my hair cut. It was so nice to have someone wash my hair for me! The lady that does my hair does a great job. Bless Baby Mak because she slept the entire time I was there. It was a nice little break for me.

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