Sunday, June 29, 2008

L O N G Week!

After the traumatizing events of last Thursday, which I still have recurring nightmares about, we woke up to a sunny, warm, toasty, beautiful day! Then I went to get the babies up...both were stuffy and feverish. Great! So the next few days consisted of Pedialyte, infant Tylenol, and temperature taking. Oh, and NO SLEEP! Have I mentioned I just don't do well without sleep??

Here's where I wanted a shrivelled up picture of Maxine with blood-shot eyes for effect...couldn't find one!
I'm definitely feeling outnumbered! I took the babies to the doctor where loads of pink, sticky sweet, obviously effective medicine was prescribed...does any physician have any idea what it's like to get a five month old to take this stuff?? So, when the babies start to feel better, me and #2 started with the same symptoms. Basically, since we have returned from the road trip we have been sick! We were so allergy free until we got back to this 115 degree he!!hole where the farmers decide to turn up the heat a little more by burning off the wheat stubble and turning the air into 2nd hand smoke! Wendy, Adam, and James will be here next week and I am hoping the weather will cool just a bit. Ha Ha Ha! They are going to step off the plane in Yuma and get carried away by the thermals!

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Hang in there friend!