Saturday, October 11, 2008

The End of an Era

I hope for anyone, everyone...the opportunity of the warmth and closeness of an awesome pet. If you have had the experience, you will understand this entry. My Mashy died this evening after a couple of weeks struggle with his arthritis and old age. It was so hard to watch him struggle the last few days. All he wanted was a warm lap and gentle touch. He even got to rest on some warm feet (thanks DH) and got some extra love and attention from Deb and Gram.
'Stache the Cat

'Stache & Ziggy sleeping under Makenna's crib. Up til 2 days ago, Ziggy stayed by him and groomed him. Andrew and ATC worried the cat would die while they weren't home. Deb took the boys to see a movie and Andrew made me promise we wouldn't have a funeral til they got home. Tonight, it seemed, 'Stache waited until Andrew fell asleep to go through the final throes. We went ahead and buried him by the light of three flashlights, under a beautiful moon. The desert has cooled for now. I owe a debt of gratitude to DH's nephew for coming over earlier today to dig a hole for 'Stache to be buried in. And so grateful to DH for having the kindness and foresight to call him to perform this act of service for me since he couldn't be here to do it.

Deb reminded me yesterday of how much 'Stache knew he was mine. When Judy and I were roommates and then when Deb and I were, if they were home with him, he'd snuggle right in with them...until about the time he knew I'd be home. When he heard my vehicle, he'd struggle to get down! But, if I caught him on their laps, I'd look at him and say "Mashy! What do you think you're doing?" I swear he'd get embarrassed!

We bonded right off. Dr. Franks had him at his office and just had to show him to me and Judy. He went home with us (thanks, Judy, for one of the best prizes ever!) and promptly attacked Judy for her Twinkie! In the car, no less! Great impression. Deb was not happy about him at first. I had my other cat, Noelle. 'Stache made relatively short work of Aunt Deb, though. See, she had the water bed with a luscious, deep pile of sheep skin from Australia at the foot of her bed he just couldn't resist. So, the first few nights home, he would steal into her room and get in bed with her. One morning, she woke up to that cat's nose in her mouth...apparently he enjoyed the smell of her morning breath! The next, it was a nose and whiskers in her ear while he was "making muffins" in her hair.

He was a nurturer. He loved all of my babies...from Wendy on down to Makenna! He even loved Elli against her will...jumping on her lap whenever she came over. My nieces grew up with him as a fixture in my life. Anyone that knows me has been inundated with stories about that cat! Honestly, it may be hokey to some, I don't care, my opinion of the love of my Heavenly Father has always been reinforced because he blessed me with an awesome feline companion for all of my growing up years. Best, he put up with my lack of attention when I had my babies. He'd just pile right in with them!

Thank you, My Mashy! Til we meet again! Because I know we will.....we just have to!


Jean said...

I'm so sorry you lost your sweet kitty. It's really painful to lose a much loved pet.

What a special thing for you to have Mashy for a long time in your life and through so many changes. I know you gave him a great life and he gave you conditional love. You'll always remember him.

I believe we'll see our pets in heaven. God promises there will be no sadness there! Hugs to you and all those who loved 'Stache.

Cassidi said...

Im so sorry! I loved Mashy. I am pretty sure I remeber when you first got him, and Noel actually. He was always the "snotty" one of the three, but for some reason he loved Melinda!

b. said...

Ohhh....I'm sorry Suz'!

Rest in Peace, Mashy.

Atc said...

mom i miss him so much!!!!!!1