Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, Crap! She's got the Camera!

"Come on, lady! I'm trying to score some Diet Coke with Cherries from Aunt Debbie!"

" Maybe I will smile for you...what's in it for me?"

Scene Stealer!

Torso Flasher!

"I am outta here!"
Can anyone tell me when the "My poop is disgusting, but let me give you a fingerful anyway" stage passes? Aside from putting Duck tape around his waist and both of his upper thighs, ( bondage?)
jeez maybe that's not a bad idea!
I did NOT just write that!
I love my 2 year old! And odds are, he will be the first one to sport stitches and/or cast for broken bone(s).
He is also developing into an insatiable flirt.
The next video will have to be of him crossing him arms over his chest and telling me
Just because he can.
He beguiles me.
As far as the duck tape, don't know if I should document that one...sounds more feasible, workable, could happen tomorrow...without legal repercussions!
Really, I won't do it...
to be continued....


Shellie said...

He's so cute. Funny yous should mention duct tape, we considered that for my boys too, honestly, boys are something else!

binders said...

He is adorable! As is the scene stealer. I can't tell you when that lovely phase will pass exactly, but it will. We also struggled through that particular phase!

Wendy said...

Hey. They are so cute. I have to admit the poop thing is gross. One more thing it's to early for Christmas. =0)