Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

Well, I spent some time catching my little lamb falling asleep!

And watching her pull up at the coffee table...she's quite the expert at it now...
(I probably should have been folding the laundry on the couch behind her!)

Mostly, it seems I have been keeping my eye on this rascally guy!
(being snuggled by Aunt Debbie)
He has learned to open doors to the inside, outside, oven, almost has the refrigerator door figured out.
Won't leave the broom alone...or his diaper yet! Oh, and his favorite thing to say?
Pretty standard for most 2 year olds, I know. But my first two boys, they rarely got into anything! I never had to institute cupboard or drawer locks...door knob thingies...we just told them no and amazingly, they didn't bother things. #3 is more than making up for both of them and is teaching #4 all he knows! When he goes through drawers, she is right there.
Partners in Crime at 25 months and 10 months!

And when I haven't been doing that, I've been getting #1 to school or picking him up or rushing to get home in time to get #2 on the bus or meet the bus when he comes home.

Oh, and did I mention this in my spare time?

I have been having so much fun...the only stress it has caused me to date, are keeping enough catalogs on hand! I've done two events and have taken #1 both times to help has been great to hang out with him and watch his fearless approach. He's great.

My sister took me and our mom to the midnight premier of "Twilight". I went in not having a lot of expectations because I didn't want to be disappointed. I must say, I wasn't disappointed! I think my mom was almost in a swoon over Edward, too. They did nail the ultimate, ultimate case of teen angst. I couldn't even laugh at it when it seemed so overly dramatic, because frankly, I can remember being that intense as a teen! It was kind of nice being imaginatively carried away for a couple of hours...then being unceremoniously dropped on my butt back in my world...and everything looked so much less complicated!

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