Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mak taking a nap with her Daddy
Awed by the sparklies on the Christmas Tree

I wish these photos were in sharper focus! But, I guess they seem to give them a dreamy quality. We were so happy to add to our Christmas cheer today when we received boxes from our kids in GA. So, I'm thinking I'll have to get lots of pictures...what do you think, Wendy? ;-) I also heard a rumor on Facebook that our grandson has started walking!! Yeah, Jimmy A! We can hardly wait to witness his prowess on the floor!
I also want to point out a new blog on the block. I am a faithful follower and want to share the information with every one near and far. The address is :
As an independent consultant, this is a HUGE help to me. It also takes a load of research off of my shoulders, as I was preparing to launch my own blog about these warmers. If you love candles, take a minute and read this blog. It's very informative. Then, if you are so inclined, get in touch with me and order one for yourself!

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