Sunday, December 14, 2008

NEWSFLASH! Christmas is Coming!

It seems like every year the past few years, I've gotten some kind of bug (NOT bah-humbug!). I've always loved Christmas. My mom instilled a love of the season at an early age. Friday I decided to get my behind in gear and finish the holiday decorations. So, I put my Christmas Tree Scentsy bar in the warmer and finished! Both babies even cooperated by taking naps at the same time. When the older boys got home, they were so happy...
The village DH gave me. We're still working on it.

The view down Main Street.

Our tree with the countdown calendar...notice there are no ornaments near the bottom of the tree. Between the babies and the cat...I'm sure you can figure it out!

The top of the entertainment center in the glow of my warmer. I've decided they (people that come up with stuff we really don't need at Christmas but have to have anyway!) should come up with a way to dress up the DVD player so it fits in with holiday decor!

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Adam said...

I love the pictures of everyone! I miss you guys! Andrew takes good pictures. The village looks great. I miss your decorations. OH I sent you guys something or two. =0) PS this is Wendy