Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Few Things...

First things first!
Thanks to Dragonfly for her kind write up on her blog (here) and hosting a give away of a free Scentsy Bar to the 10th person to email me from her post...drum roll please....

The winner is: Sue Richardson!

Sue, I will email you for more information and where to send your bar. Thanks for reading!

Secondly...speaking of seconds,
#1 took 2nd place in the Pinewood Derby for Scouts last night!
AWESOME car, if I do say so myself!
He also had another remarkable feat today at school.
He participated in the Spelling Bee.
He went to the 2nd Round (ahem, including the practice round)
before getting his butt kicked by a 4th grader!!!
But, truth be told, he was amazing.
And so sportsmanlike.
That's my boy!

#3, Tuck, and Ming-Ming too!
For those of you with kids that watch the Wonder Pets,
#3 loves 'em!

See all that laundry?
Notice the cat is not lifting a PAW to help me out!
Can you believe him??
In my defense, we are preparing for a yard sale...


Josie said...

haha- he is so cute! I know how you feel- I hate laundry!!

Jen said...

Ah...the Pinewood Derby. Ours is tonight. My poor boys don't have much of a chance. If it wasn't for my dad, the deprived children would be racing a big block down the runway!