Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Day...

Guppy #3 here again with the latest report on my activities.
I keep hearing Mommy repeat the phrase:
"One day I'll laugh about this!"
Before I get into my juvenile delinquencies,
I thought I should mention my sister's morphing into a toddler.
Our big sister, Wendy, sent her this dress and she sure looked cute in it!
Of course, I can get away with saying that now...when I'm 10, I'll deny it!

Notice Mak's right hand.
The somewhat bluish tinge....where did that come from?!?

I was caught "blue-handed!"
Like you hadn't figured that out already!

I truly do not understand what the big deal is.
And, I could have chosen the Sharpie over the Crayola Washable!
Mommy didn't notice the soles of my feet for a little while.
They were a nice shade of blue too!
THIS had to be the shot of the day!
I figured out how to use my highchair as exercise equipment!
I tell ya, I felt the burn!
Until next time I hijack the computer...this is Guppy #3, signing off!

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