Monday, January 12, 2009

Did You Know?

She was THIS happy to see me!Big P. What more can I say?

Notice the backward pajamas! To protect him from backlash, should he attempt to go commando!
Me and Cass

Big P and his mom

Big P giving me the look

My #1 playing with the camera (again!)

Can you tell I've had enough?! (of the picture taking!)
I took a bit of a road trip to Phoenix last week. I received an email from one of my beloved nieces informing me she and her oldest would be in town and did I want to come and see them. So, how fast did I get it all arranged? PDQ! With the help of an awesome sister and patient husband and an understanding mom...and maybe a bit a divine intervention.
I took #1 with me as he needed a check up following his surgery. Being able to get an appointment when we did with them is where I believe the intervention occurred! My sister informed me a couple of days before we were driving up that she would spring for a hotel room so we could stay overnight instead of going up and coming back the same day. Of course, my DH and my mom took care of the other 3 children.
Just a little background. Cass is a gift I was blessed with years ago when she was born to my older brother and her mother. She is the youngest of three girls. All of them have their own places in my heart and when I am talking about each of them, they are my favorite! We've always been close, however, when I decided to move to AZ some years ago, it was hard on her. Then I started my family, she was in high school and understand, life goes on.
She married a pretty cool guy (did I really say that?!) and they made their home in MO. The last time she and I have been able to sit down was about 7 or 8 years ago when she visited me here in AZ. She has since become a mother. This is where I start to feel really old! Her son, Big P, is almost 4 and has Autism. For awhile, we believed our #1 was also on the spectrum, but has since been cleared. For so long, I have wanted to do anything, something to assist. Kind of hard to do from a zillion miles away! Thanks to the powers that be, I got an opportunity last week.
#1 and I were able to babysit him while Cass visited with Big P's doctor. He slept the majority of the time, but hey, when he woke up, I was able to provide enough security/comfort to help him go back to sleep.
It was nice to sit with my niece and chat. To be able to slip back into a comfortable relationship...none of the awkwardness distance and time can create, I guess. That was priceless for me. It was such a treat to observe Big P and be rewarded with a hand squeeze from him as he approached me on his own. He did the same thing to #1 and you'd think he'd won a contest! I loved watching my son making overtures to his cousin. Talking to him and interacting. Even tender at times. I love my son!
Big P is something! He is beautiful. His personality is so apparent. And to see him express affection to his mom...WOW...! Words can't describe it. I have been turning the experience of this last few days over in my itty bitty brain. This is what I've come up with:
Once upon a time, a 10 year old little girl wrote me a note to tell me I was her hero. I was so proud. And awed that anyone would ever consider me in the same sentence with that word. As time continued, the little girl grew up and had many learning experiences that she made the most of as she morphed into a beautiful young woman. She married and bore her children. When one was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, the woman did what she had to do with the support of a wonderful husband, to become her son's advocate. Observing her with her son and seeing to his needs, warmed my heart. I am so blessed to know her and to call her family. So happy to say "I love Big P" and know it because I know him. As I watched the mom to Big P drive away from the hotel on Saturday morning, one sentence kept flashing in my mind.
"Cass, you are my hero."

ps: I keep reminding myself that even though you are a zillion miles away, we still look at the same moon! ;-)


Deb in GA said...

It was really hard not cry as I read your entry. I think she is cool too. I love you.

Deb in GA said...

that was from Wendy