Monday, February 9, 2009

Is It Wrong?

First of all, before I lament my political incorrectness...I have to show what happens in my front yard when we get moisture in the desert. I get loads of these beautiful purple flowers...
and these tiny white ones!
I don't care that in a few weeks we will have to
rake them up because they turn into annoying stickery weeds!
I'll take color where I can get it!

And a fabulous sunset when I can get one!

My lament is this:
Is it wrong to cheer for the youngest
when her older brothers are constantly ripping toys from her grasp
and pushing her over?

Well, I cheered today because she took a toy from Sam
and crawled at supersonic speed to keep it away from him.
All the while he was yelling,
I was folding laundry(ick) and had the joy of watching this drama play out.
She knows she is bugging him.
Give her another week and she'll be running from him.
So, was I wrong to silently cheer for her?
This lamenting mind wants to know!


b. said...

I silently cheer for Sissy G. all the time.
It's got to be lonely being the only girl!

Sparcam said...

Yeah! One vote for me!

Wendy said...

I love it! Cheer on!