Sunday, March 22, 2009

FP Little People and MY Little People

The great toy giant of the planet had a 50th b-day party for the Fisher-Price Little People this past weekend. I had great hopes of them going totally retro for the celebration...maybe a set made of wood? I remember reading somewhere a couple of years ago that it may happen. I hope it does.

When I was 7, we moved from Alabama to Utah. My mom and all six of us and cat too, had to fit into an old Dodge station wagon and a small U-Haul trailer behind us. I had been very blessed in my young life to have many toys. I had every "set" from the Little People; school, gas station with the parking garage, house...with all of the people, dog, furniture, etc. We had to sell as much as we could and I think we left quite a bit behind.
So, I think that's why I have such an affinity for the Little People...
And hope one day they WILL go retro and make me a nice wooden set with "Unleaded Paint"!

Because MY little people would sure love it! And special thanks to my DH, who thought it would be a great investment for me to satisfy my childhood whim! Thanks, Love!


Wendy said...

That is really cute and sweet of him to let you get those. I like them. In two weeks I get to see you guys!

Sabra said...

That is so sweet of him. I almost bought those in memory of my childhood but knew all too well my kids would snub them.

Nana said...

I had no idea Little People were that old.