Friday, April 24, 2009

Check Out the Man in the Suit!

So, yes, Wendy and Sabra, they are bees!
And here are the pictures of the very kind man who rescued us from the raging hive.
In a few weeks, he's even going to let us have some of their honey.
#1 discovered them, ran in the house completely freaking out.

"MOM! There's a bunch of bees outside!"

"How many, Adam? Like 5?"

"No, Mom, they are on Daddy's chair. You'd better look out the window!"

I lazily glanced out my front window...ho, hum...a few bees never hurt...

Then, ladies and gentlemen, (I know for a fact that a couple of guys read my blog!) I began to freak out! It was after 5. Exterminators are expensive. But, wait, I didn't want to kill them! I knew from my farm experience someone could use them. So, I called the non-emergency number for the police department. The dispatcher gave me the number for this kind man, T, who came to my home very quickly, ready-made hive in hand, to safely remove and reuse them.
Not only was he very efficient at rounding up the bees (he has years of experience), he was also very pleasant to speak with.
This was around 6:30 pm, so they were starting to "chill" literally. What is amazing (blessing, actually) there are usually a ton of people walking at this time of day. It was a beautiful evening and no one was out. I called a couple of #1's friends to come over and see the bees from inside the house, and my mom, because this is something you don't get to see everyday...unless, of course, you are a beekeeper!
They were already beginning to leave deposits of paraffin on the chair, so we will be scraping it off and washing the area with a mild detergent to prevent more bees from visiting. T came back after dark to round up the new hive and transport it back to his property where I hope they are buzzily, er busily, making tons of yummy honey.


Sabra said...

Have you read or seen the movie Secret Life of Bees? Great book. Great movie.

Sparcam said...

Oh yes! Going to get the movie soon. I was so bummed when it didn't come to Yuma!

MommyAmy said...

Holy crap!!! I would have freaked out too... those are some serious bees! How cool that someone came to your house to save them. :)