Friday, April 10, 2009

Do YOU Want to Be Here?

We thought about going somewhere like this today...
but it did Yuma, no less! It was beautiful.

#1 threw a major conniption fit and locked himself in the car!
Thanks heavens it was cool out.
Otherwise he wouldn't have lasted 60 seconds.

He had a couple of stressful encounters today after having a great time
with Adam, Wendy, and James at Gateway Park.
The nap refreshed him for a little while.
I'm sure the sound of the rain on the care was very relaxing .
This is the packing paper from my latest Scentsy shipment.
The babies and the cat loved playing in it.
Who needs expensive toys when the packing provides hours
of uninterrupted entertainment??
Even James and Sam were seeing eye to eye!

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