Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guess Who?

Grandson, James, at the Yuma County Fair

Scenes from General Conference...
l to r: Sam (sucking his right forefinger)
James on Wendy's shoulder and Wendy!
Sam and Andrew at the Fair. This was Sam's first visit to the fair. Whenever we would drive by and he'd see the Ferris wheel and squeal "RI! RI!"
Sam, Andrew, James, and Wendy at the bubbles station at the fair.

Andrew being a protective big brother at the fair.
ATC and Andrew at the fair.
Wendy arrived on Friday with James in tow for a week long visit. It's been fun having her and watching James get familiar with his Western Aunt and Uncles. He loves Ziggy! Wendy's hubby, Adam, gets here on Wednesday. His brothers-in-law are getting all psyched up to see him. I've heard mention of a game of Battleship and contests on the Wii.
Andrew had no clue what he was in for on this gravity- defying drop. He was not happy at all!

Especially when he had to waste precious "riding" time waiting outside the potties for the adults!
ATC was fine as long as he had control of the camera!
(Insert thought-bubble)
"How can it possibly take this long for her to go??"

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