Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pre-Memorial Day Campout

Since the boys don't have school tomorrow, I gave them the oppotunity to "camp out" on the living room floor. The babies got to bring their blankets, too. Andrew and ATC just can't understand why the little ones are not allowed to sleep out with them yet. One day they will!

ATC has made it Andrew's "job" to bring everything out in sequence (sheet, pillows, THEN blankets!) and then he will do set up and put everything away in the morning. The following are a few shots of the evening.

Sam with blankie and finger!



Setting up meticulously!

Even Ziggy gets into it!

ATC taking a break.

Then I have to go and spoil it!

I say the words..."Mimi time!"

And it starts.

"Why do they have to sleep in their beds, Mommy?" Andrew asks.

Sam pouts about it...

Mak gets vocal!

Seconds before, they were watching this and this following peacefully.
Then we had family prayer and put everyone to bed. Amazingly, no one cried at all!


deb said...

Oh, I should have crashed the party. I did not leave Diane's until midnight. Looks like Andrew did not mind being home like he thought he was going to. Love you all.

Wendy said...

Pray does bring harmony to the home! I wish I could have been there. I miss you guys!