Sunday, June 7, 2009

Global Warming?

Today we had a little adventure of sorts. The weather in our little corner of the Sonoran Desert has been oddly cool. Upper 80's in June? Not a very common occurrence!

Then, comparing this afternoon to the last time the kids did this and the difference in the kids sizes and abilities!

Mak's first official "Playing in the Water Outside."

Playing in the Clifford Sand Box...funny, it's never had sand in it!
Sam sharing a tantrum!
People pay big bucks for his tan...
He just got the good genes! ;-)
A little suck of the thumb for good measure!

Maybe he'll find a treasure!

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Wendy said...

Those are really good pictures. I need to update my blog. I have been so busy at work that I come home and I am zonked. I have a quilt I need to finish for crying out loud.
PS Did he find any treasure?