Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Summer Fun and A Surprising Declaration

We were so pleased Elli and Gregory came to visit this week! Elli is Adam's oldest daughter and Greg is her son. Our grandson. He just blends right in with his Uncles and Aunt! Andrew and Greg decided to play in the water and mud. They had a great time!

Squeezed cheek to cheek in the Clifford Sandbox!
Awhile later, Greg yells "Grandma! The babies are sitting in my chair with me!" He was thrilled. Mak was upset because I showed up with the camera instead of her drink!
Now, as far as the following videos go, I only coached them to say hi to three people. And I'll give one Adam Paulukaitis a warning to listen carefully...

I think your little brother-in-law loves you a bunch!

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Wendy said...

that is really sweet. Adam enjoyed his father's day hello. James thought the water squirting was really funny. I feel like I am almost there with you guys. Sigh...