Monday, September 14, 2009

It Wasn't Fun and Games!

Mak had a rough weekend beginning Thursday night. She ran into her brothers dark room, trip on a hanger, and landed face first on her brother's heavy metal tractor piggy bank! She knocked her front teeth back and broke one.

Did I mention she bled everywhere?

Me, being completely freaked out, made arrangements for my sister to run over and sit with the boys while I took her to the ER for an ex-ray to make sure she hadn't done some serious damage. (thanks, deb)

They gave her a popsicle.

"Go see the dentist in the morning."


I took her home...she slept alright, but was up early. Her little thumb cut from trying to suck her thumb around the sharp edge of her broken tooth. I called Kool Smiles and got a switchboard. They said they wouldn't see her because she hadn't been there before.
No one else wanted to see her either (at least that's what the services were telling me!)
I swallowed my pride and called Kool Smiles again. A kindly woman answered from the switchboard. She began to explain the same policy as before and I stopped her. I told her what had happened. How old she was. I hadn't even thought to make her an appointment yet! Somewhere in my mumblings, I mentioned Andrew had been there the day before. For major work.
Suddenly, she asked if she could put me on hold.

FINE! But not as defiantly.

She came back on the line and asked for her insurance information. Could I have her there right at 9 am? I agreed. So what if I scared the office staff to death! She let me know there would be a wait, but they would get her in. It was against their policy to schedule appointments for local offices, but she'd gotten the approval from her supervisor who in turn sent an email to the office to let them know we were coming.

Got there at 8:55, in at 9:15, out at 10 am. Nothing a good dentist, good assistant, and a papoose board couldn't handle! They filed the tooth down, sealed the end and we are hoping it will last her til she loses it officially at age 6!

So, Sunday rolls around and I finally get everyone ready for Church (a miracle these days!). Mak gets to wear her lavender girly dress and black girly shoes.
She was so happy!
Attend Sacrament Meeting and head to Nursery.
One of the girls put out the bubble machine.
Filled to the brim with thick, soapy, sticky, gooey bubble liquid.
Mak sees it, hooks it with another toy because she wanted it.

Well, she got it.
Over the top of her head,in her eyes, mouth and all over her pretty dress.
Mom was on the job! Rushed home, bathed her, and back in 40 minutes.
Just in time to change Sam's diaper.


Jen said...

Holy Cow! When it rains, it pours!!

ATC said...

HI wow that was funny