Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My 6 Year Old!

King for an afternoon!
Ready for the party to get started!

I can't believe Andrew is 6! We splurged a bit for him and had a grand party at the local Chuck E. Cheese's. We had a huge crowd and the kids seemed to enjoy running around more than playing the games.

Andrew was my baby I had to wait almost 5 years for. We had assistance in the conceiving arena and thankfully it only took one try!

The day I had him (scheduled c-section gone awry!), I had been up most of the night having contractions. Finally, I had Adam take me in. they gave me an Ambien and sent me home. All that did was make me loopy! I was up to use the bathroom every 15 minutes it seemed. I went for my final doctor's appointment at 9 am and Adam had to drive me because I was still contracting, only on drugs that didn't dull the pain or discomfort! I don't recall making any funny noises, but in the waiting area, everyone seemed to move to the opposite side of the room!

When my doctor looked at me, he asked, "Suzanne, how long have you been like this?"

I mumbled, "Oh, since midnite. Went to the hospital at about 4 am. Got a pill."

"Well, I'll be right back."

He returned a couple of seconds later, looks at my husband and says,
"Go ahead and drive to the hospital right now. They will be waiting for you."

"But, I haven't had a blessing yet!" I cried.

Well, he is a member of my church and graciously offered to give me one.
I was so grateful and so much more at ease.

So, Andrew made his appearance about 11:30 am on September 22, 2003.

What a joy he is and such a blessing to our family.

Happy Birthday, Drew-Drew!

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