Sunday, September 27, 2009

T At Work!

When I see pictures like this, I know we are related!
ATC working hard at my booth at the Yuma P.L.A.Y Day.
He is a Scentsy Man!

Most everyone is delighted with him. (Usually, it's my nerves he gets on!) When I hear him discussing the products with potential clients, I'm amazed at how much he knows. I am really proud of him. He displays very little shyness, works hard to speak so people can understand him, and tries his hardest to be courteous to those around him.

This was part of my display table near the end of the event.
It got a bit disheveled!
What bummed me out?
Someone stole my Black Raspberry Vanilla Tester!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

What? That makes me mad (the tester.) ATC looks good and it looks like he had a blast. I wish I could do more right now. I have tons of ideas. I did update my web page and I handed out some samples to two moms at the park. I wish I had gotten some of the mini catalogs when I order some of my stuff. I just forgot. Sigh. I will get some next time I get some personal money.