Sunday, October 4, 2009

What an Awesome Grandma!

The idea began rather innocently.
Andrew was going to be studying about "Fall" in his Kinder class.
Each student was to find a piece of fall foliage in Yuma.
His newly-transplanted-awesome-teacher-from-the-East-Coast had no idea what she was asking of her young charges.
It literally dries up and blows away.
IF you're lucky enough to have a tree with leaves!
So, Grandma went on a trek to Utah to visit.
I had the idea she could bring back a couple of fall leaves for Andrew's class.
She said she would if she could remember.
This lovely innocent looking box showed up on Friday.
This is what was inside.

Enough for the whole kinder class!

My dear brother, who is single by the way(!), took our mom on a drive up American Fork Canyon and helped her harvest these beautiful leaves.
She carefully placed a paper towel between each leaf and wrapped them in sandwich bags so they were protected.
When they arrived and I opened the box, my "smeller" was accosted with scents of home.
I became disgustingly home sick.
When I realized the care Grandma had taken to ensure this special treat
for her grandson and his class arrived in good condition,
it brought tears to my eyes.

It was nice to see some autumn leaves that were still fresh, mind you.

Andrew doesn't completely get it yet,
but one day he will look back and remember this and say,
"Yep, Grandma Dee is an incredible old lady!" ;-)

Thanks, Mom, for loving my children and loving me. Hurry home! We miss you!


Wendy said...

That is so cool. The leaves look awesome. I wish I could have seen it. I am sure the pictures don't give it justice.

b. said...

Your Mom is AWESOME! thoughtful!