Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Zoo, San Diego Style

I need a foot massage!

No! Really, ATC! Don't take a picture!!

This bird summed up the day.
It is the Secretary Bird.
As I stood with Deb, the 4 kids and a bunch of other zoo-gawkers
admiring this interesting bird, we noticed he was eating.
I was close enough to realize it was throwing dead mice into the air and eating them.
My lunch was suddenly in my throat.
The next one, the bird throws a mouse into the air with great drama
and swallows the mouse with nary a chomp.
The crowd gave a collective gasp.
My Andrew looked at me and said, "Is he out of bird food, Mom?
Deb put Sam on one of the big cat statues for a photo op and Sam freaked out!

This was the jumping monkeys or something.
Andrew wasn't too sure about it.

The Cadillac stroller, Andrew, Adam, ATC

Andrew loved the Bamboo.
He insisted on a photo with it.
His teacher would be proud to know he was telling me about chlorophyll
and how leaves change in the fall.
ATC was a riot! He screamed like a girl!

He's thinking,"If I get in that harness, will I wet my pants?"
He didn't, but was threatening to do so after about 7 minutes!

One of the animals got out!

His aunt went looking for him...

This was the back of the vehicle on the way home!
Tomorrow, I will tell you about the beach!


Wendy said...

You guys look like you had a blast! I wish I was there. I love you guys and miss you

Roger and Kari said...

Next time you head to the beach let me know & I'll try to meet up with you. San Diego is only about a hour away.
Or you could come to Newport next time, that's about 10 min. :-)