Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Heart is Full

This is my goofball 11 and a half year old son.

He drives me nuts and can annoy me like no other (except maybe his father! ;)

But he keeps doing things that endear him to me and I am amazed at his progress!

He called me from his school this morning,

telling me the school principal wanted to speak with me.

When I asked why, he said he wasn't allowed to tell me!

NOT COOL with this mom~

After we went around for a minute or two, the secretary took the phone and assured me it was the real deal and he wanted to speak with me regarding Adam's grade placement.

I moved Adam to his current school 3 weeks into the school year.

He just seemed "lost" at the elementary school.

Following the advice of a friend, I moved him to a charter school for middle and high school students.

It was a scary choice, because if you have had the opportunity to meet Adam,

he has an interesting relationship with kids his own age.

He prefers older adults or really young children.

He has little patience for others in between.
I had to take my 2 and 3 year old with me to the meeting.


They make having a civilized grown up conversation near impossible.

Adam kept his 3 year old brother with him in the lobby and

they got onto the NickJr website, so Samuel was occupied.

Makenna would have none of it.

To his credit, Mr. Principal, was very sweet.

Mr. P. went to great lengths explaining Adam's situation at school,

how he started 3 weeks late, quickly caught up with his peers and passed them.

After Christmas break, they gave him 7th grade coursework.

We were impressed and very happy for Adam.

He told me he was amazed with Adam, what a sweet kid he is,

how the teachers love him.

He said they want to start Adam in the 8th grade next fall!

I had a good idea that was coming.

But to hear it from the person guiding his education, WOW!

I asked about emotional development. He said he felt Adam would be fine. That he is so different from a lot of the other children.

He said as his parents, we need to embrace that.

Because, as he went on, "there's just something about Adam!"

If you have followed Adam's life as a friend or family member,

you know, for me, that phrase holds so much meaning.

That is an indicator for me that the person that utters that phrase "gets" my son.

That means they understand him.

It was a witness to me they have his best interests at heart.

I am so thrilled for Adam. He was dancing from toe to toe after the meeting.

He is a special young man and I am so blessed to have him.

So blessed to have found a school in Yuma that is embracing his differences and abilities!

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b. said...

This made me teary!
I have had the opportunity to meet Adam...and that's a really good way to put it: There IS something about Adam.

Way to go, Buddy!