Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Best Award A Son Can Receive (when he's 6)

Andrew received the Character Award at school today!
For All-Around Character.
He is a character that's for sure.
He was chosen by his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. O.

Here is Mr. Character with Daddy, Makenna, and ATC outside of the school.
Andrew with his friend, Gavin, who was chosen by Miss Sandy.

On the risers with his good friend, Jake, who was chosen by his teacher.

Mrs. Carter guiding him to his place.
Makenna was thrilled Andrew won!
Moved to hysterical tears!
Seriously, she had a meltdown because
I wouldn't let her have her drink.
This is right before said meltdown.
Major Cutie!

SEE?! I told you he's a character!

I felt the need to add these to this entry.
This is Andrew's best friend, Christopher M.
These two have been inseparable all year.
How did they meet?
Because of my addiction to
That's a story for another day!

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