Saturday, May 29, 2010

He's Just Got to STOP!

Aside from the almost glowing nostrils, notice the flipped over tooth?
This was Thursday night.
He comes over to me and says proudly:
"Mom! Look what I can do with my tooth!"
I'm pretty sure I threw up a little...

So, I'm in giving Samuel a bath this evening and I hear Andrew scream
so loud my heart skipped a few beats!
"Mommy! My TOOTH CAME OUT!!"
He danced into the bathroom so excitedly
I thought he was going to break into the "Bow-chicka wow-wow"
song from Alvin and the Chipmunks! Which is fine, of course, unless he
also performs the "booty slap" which is just plain...funny, but should a 6 year old
be fixated on that? That's an entry for another day!
"Hey, Mom? Do I look cute like this?"
Seriously, that was his first question!
Oh, he also informed me he will not be
putting lost tooth under his pillow tonight.
He said he must share his treasure with
Grandma before the winged fairy can
relieve him of the tooth.

I love this boy!

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deb said...

Can't wait to get some of that!