Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look What This Boy's Done Now!

I was incredibly sad that I missed Adam's last awards ceremony
for this school year!
I had another family commitment that prevented
me from attending.
So I did the next best thing...
I sent Aunt Debbie!
After seeing these, I was so glad I did!
THIS one Adam didn't know about,
which is unusual because it's hard to get things by him!
Not bad for an 11 year old!

I cried when I saw this because Adam has completely
dedicated himself to working hard.
He completed most of his 6th grade coursework
before Christmas and finished 7th grade
during the remainder of the year.
I must say, the faculty at his school deserves so much credit for
loving him and respecting his desire to excel. Where some schools
tended to hold him back, Carpe Diem let him FLY!
I had to show Mak's hair from Sunday.
When we get ready to leave the house now, she comes over to me and says,
"My hair, momma, do my hair!"
I'm sunk!
But she sure is cute!

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