Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Surprise Visit and Evening Fun!

We were so happy to see Uncle David, from Calexico, today!
It had been way too long since we had seen him.
He called last night, asking if he could stop by.
We were very happy to spend some time

he was quite stunned when he realized
ATC was almost as tall as him!
David is such a sweet man!
This picture is a keeper.
This evening, windy as it was, we did a few chores outside
since the flies and gnats were non-existent.
Funny how these two always wind up
sans diapers and clothing!
They were both freezing!
And neither wanted to admit it
since they knew I'd take them in.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

ATC is my dad's twin. He looks so much like him. I have never noticed it before. He even is sitting like my dad. That is so crazy, a good crazy.