Monday, January 3, 2011

Pretty Amazing Holidays!

 Thanks to our daughter, Wendy, and her family, I am back in business with my blog!  They sent us a new camera for Christmas.  Wendy was rather insistent we open it on Christmas Eve!  We did and were so thrilled.  Samuel especially, since he loves to steal the camera and snap all sorts of pictures...usually ones of me as I am scowling at him to give it back!  I have some grand plans with some posts chronicling our holiday since we had some very special blessings this year. Until then, to reassure Wendy I have finally figured it out, I am posting some pictures from the New Year party at Tia Anni's home here in Yuma.  Aunt Rose, Uncle Tony and Aunt Carmen came for the holiday from California.  We love to visit with them!  We love them very much!
Happy Samuel!
Dad and Samuel

Adam and Andrew horsing around!


Aunt Rose, Uncle Tony, Aunt Carmen

L to R: Adam, Rose, Tony, Dulce, Carmen, Adam, Deborah, Andrew, Candio

Uncle Tony and Aunt Carmen
Little Adam (who is now taller than everyone in the family picture!) took most of the pictures with everyone. Adam and I took Samuel and Makenna over on Thursday night while the older two went to a movie with Aunt Deb.  The next night, Adam took the two older boys over to visit while I stayed home with the little ones.  Samuel was running a fever, so I didn't want to run the risk of getting anyone sick!   

Hope everyone has a peaceful, love-filled 2011!

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