Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Adventure

This is all new to me, but after reading some amazing blogs in the past, I decided to give it a shot. I am not the best at keeping in touch, so maybe this will make a bit of a difference. Please send me your feedback and maybe that way I will be able to keep it interesting.

A bit of information about me and my family would be the best place to start, I suppose. I am Suzanne, married to Adam for 10 years now. I recently became a full-time stay-at-home mom after working since I was 14 ( I am 41 at this writing!). I worked mostly in the accounting field and completely enjoyed it. I am expecting our 4th child any time. It is a girl after having 3 beautiful boys. Her name will be Makenna and her brothers are Adam (9), Andrew (4), Samuel (15 months). I was blessed when Adam and I married to be gifted 2 daughters from his previous marriage. Elli is almost 28 and has a son Gregory. Wendy is almost 25 and just had her first wedding anniversary. She and her husband, Adam, just celebrated their first anniversary and also the birth of their son, James!

A couple of items I am curious about learning more about are anything parenting (I wonder why!), Asperger's Syndrome (my oldest has a soft diagnosis).

We are a culturally diverse family. My husband is American of Mexican decent and I am as white as they come! Our boys are a beautiful mix of the two of us and our heritage. I am a card-carrying Mormon, my husband is of the Seventh-Day Adventist faith. Our children are being raised in the LDS (Mormon) faith.

We reside in Yuma, AZ which is right between San Diego, CA and Phoenix, AZ. We just enjoyed a nice Christmas at home and 2 weeks with our family in Utah for Thanksgiving.

After the birth of our daughter, I am hoping to launch a contracting business from my home doing various accounting projects for clients. I have some great technical support lined up already, so hopefully, Makenna and I will recover quickly from the birth experience and we'll be able to get moving on our next great adventure! Here's to a new year a few days early!


Cassidi said...

I LOVE IT. My friend has a blogspot to and I have really been considering getting one (with all of my free time!)
I saw that ATC has a soft aspergers diagnosis, when did this happen. In the fleeting second that I saw him at Thanksgiving I got the impression he was fine. And I don't mean the spiritual impression!
Are you about ready to blow!!!!!

Wendy said...

hey I think your blog is cool. It will be a good way for us to know whats going on with you guys. We love you