Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

I thought I would share some pictures from Christmas Day. The boys were so thrilled, even though we were more scarce than we normally are with decorations. I love the innocence of youth and those "Polar Express Moments". Christmas Day was a quieter day for us and we had dinner with my mom and sister. It was nice to be together as a family, but we missed the ones who were not with us. Elli and Gregory were with her mom in CA and Wendy, Adam, and James were in Georgia with Adam's family.

If anyone has any ideas on sorting out all of the same names in our humble little family, let me know...for example, I am married to Adam and we have a son Adam. Wendy married an Adam as well. We also have 3 Deb/Debbie/Deborah's in our immediate family. Not to mention that Wendy's Adam's mother's name is Deborah. Got all that?? It's enough to drive you nuts!

This evening we were at Uncle Candy's house to visit with family from California for the New Year. I kind of pooped out early, so we headed home before the big moment at midnight. I was looking around the room and just taking inventory of who was there, who wasn't, and the amount of visiting going on. It is so wonderful for my children to know where they come from...good and not so good...and to enjoy the relationships they are able to form. Aunt Carmen, Uncle Tony, Aunt Rosie, Cousins Tommy, Paul, Carmen and her boys, Aunt Deborah, Uncle Candy, Aunt Anni, and Cousin Candio, Uncle Danny and Aunt Lucy. Aunt Carmen and Rosie made a Mexican soup called "pesadoro" (I hope that's what it's called!) with beef and hominy that was out of this world. I can hardly wait to try to make it myself.

I'm not much for "resolutions" at this time of year, but I hope to instill in my family a sense of tradition and heritage in the years to come. There is a lot of both on either side of our family. There is such a sense of stability in the sameness and beauty in the teaching.

Happy New Year, everyone, and God bless all of us!

Samuel, 15 months, enjoying his first Christmas that he could get the idea of a present.

Andrew, 4, the big superhero loving charmer of the crowd.

Adam, 9, on Christmas Day...he is the leader of the pack.

This is my "old man cat", 'Stache, who is 22 years old this year. He is, by far, my biggest baby!

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