Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Long Night....

Is this the cutest picture??? I stole it from Wendy's blog. Her dad even got a kick out of it when he saw it! I think he even smiled!!! I can't get over how big James is. Nice and healthy! Makenna will be right behind a little while!

I just heard a minor explosion from the vicinity of Makenna's diaper...she should be waking soon to let me know...she'll hate me for saying that when she's older! I think I'm in for another long night. I've been doing better. I'll be doing a whole lot better if I can get my blood pressure under control. It is a little scary. I go see my doctor again this week for another check and medication adjustment if necessary.

It's nice to have the house to myself and quiet while everyone else is sleeping. Makenna is sleeping longer so now I have to train myself to go to bed when she does at night instead of staying up to do other things. I have started walking for exercise. Adam bought us a really nice double stroller for Sam and Makenna. I call it the "Cadillac". It is a sweet ride for the babies. The weather has been very nice and warm so I have been trying to get out more...although yesterday was that icky wind we get down here occassionally. It blew itself out today though.

I am obsessing a little about the upcoming race for President. Not too happy with any one candidate. I guess I will have to do more homework on John McCain. I think a candidate at the Presidential level would be even more effective if the voters took more time and thought to pick more effective LOCAL candidates. Then maybe the status of issues would truly reflect what we want as citizens...instead of expecting what we want to roll downhill from the White House...maybe we need to build something from the ground UP to the White House....then maybe we as a society could get a grip on ourselves. My goal is to educate myself before the next election and make wise choices. for my family. Can't complain if I don't vote!

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