Saturday, March 8, 2008

I had to take a picture of Makenna in this outfit sent to her by her "chosen cousins" the Moffatts. She is 7 weeks old Monday and is just starting to fit in her clothes. It is amazing to watch her grow. The smiles are beginning in earnest...she loves to watch her brothers.
This is generally how we both felt today! We had a long night last night so we have generally been lazy and cranky all day today.

On a great note, ATC was selected for the Principal's Award for the 2nd trimester at his school. He is so motivated to excel and I hope the positive feedback will compel him to keep it up. He has gotten involved in the student council and seems to enjoy it. I would love to be a little fly on the wall to observe how he is interacting with the other children. He generally likes to take over, so I hope this experience is helping him become more of a team player. This weekend at a car show here in town, he entered the Pinewood Derby and brought home a 3rd place trophy. Nice trophy too!

This is Kathee and her daughter, Jaykara (I hope I spelled it correctly!)with Adam, Sam, and Makenna. She just returned home from Iraq a couple of weeks ago. She is a dear friend of Wendy's and we have been blessed to be able to keep in touch with her. We went to dinner with them and were able to have a nice visit. Our military deserves all of our love and support. We are so grateful she returned home safely to her family (and us!). We look forward to having her back in the States!
Just a note on the depression. I don't think it is PPD at this point and hope it doesn't become that. My blood pressure is out of control so my doc has been trying a variety of medications to control without affecting my ability to nurse Makenna. I think I am going to give it another week or two and if it doesn't work, HELLO FORMULA. I don't consider myself a "Nursing Nazi", but I appreciate being able to nurse my children.

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