Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finger tapping on my chin

Well, I feel better! I just finished talking to Wendy after a bit of a dry spell between her very busy schedule and my sick and/or crying babies! She is awesome. I don't know if anyone out there is watching Oprah's Big Give, but if Wendy ever did something like that, she'd win! She and Adam are 2 weeks out from finals. They will be in the home stretch after this one.

Adam and ATC are on the road. The house is so quiet without them. The busy season is now upon us! We are just hoping it is a productive season so I can stay home with our babies.

Sam and Andrew were sick last week and Andrew has bouced back to his full glory. Sam is having a hard time shaking it I think. I am hoping to get him in to the doctor in the morning. He keep getting a high fever and he will sit there and act all bent out of shape and whine. It breaks my heart because I'm not sure where he hurts. I know his eye teeth on top are making their 3rd appearance...I just want to make sure that's the whole story. He did the same thing last month.

A lady from my ward stood up and spoke about her daughter today in Church. Her daughter is my age (41) and is suffering from a brain tumor. Listening to her, I was reminded just exactly how blessed I am. Then, while watching The Big give tonite, one of the competitors met a man at a mission who was 4 weeks fresh from rehab. He made the comment that giving this man a half hour of his time to hear his story did more for him than any amount of money he could give away. The man told him he has realized that no matter how bad things get for him, somewhere there is another person in more dire circumstances.

My goal for the week: assess my own situation and whine a little less! I'm not quite sure how to quantify that yet, but I will work on it.


b. said...

You know, we all have our "stuff" that we need to endure....but we sure don't have to look far to find someone that has it waaayyy worse than we do.

Sparcam said...

Ain't that the truth! BTW, I was glad to see you and Sherry hooked up! Do you keep in touch with Tracy and Cindy? When I come up in the next couple of months, I'd love to get together and have lunch!

Wendy said...

You are right. I need to whine less too.