Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poems, PRAYERS, and Promises

While there have been some relatively icky parts to today, such as Andrew throwing up at school and at home, Samuel pooping out of both sides of his diaper while sitting in his nice, snug high chair...(there's a visual for ya!), it has been a wonderful day! I went to my doctors appointment since my 2 weeks reprieve was over. I was nervous and upset because I knew I would get bad news. Well, the top number of my blood pressure dropped 30 points and I lost another 4 pounds. So, I can continue nursing and I don't have to go back for a month! Again, not a big deal for some, but it's a lot cheaper than formula and it helps you lose weight faster. Makenna was adorable over there, too. My doctor made the comment that my fatigue was probably all her fault and he directed the comment straight to her. She has been smiling quite often, but usually saves them for those of us she sees often. She focused on him and gave him the most beautiful smile yet. It was awesome. He looked like someone gave him a trophy. When I go back in to his office, the camera goes with me so I can get a picture for her scrapbook.

Prayers are answered! Sometimes I get so caught up in life as it is happening that I forget to include the one being that has made my existence possible! I hate the fact that it has taken a scare such as this to open my eyes...when I have been taught so much already by my past experiences. I have made a promise to myself to continue with daily, more meaningful prayer...not just by rote.

One of my brothers had a health scare in Las Vegas this week. It wound up not being serious for now, but I think kind of shook all of us up. Made me think about the post I did a few days ago about if you haven't talked to someone lately and let them know how you feel....I think I have some phone calls to make this weekend!

I am looking forward to tomorrow and dreading it at the same time! First, I get to have my hair done tomorrow! Obviously that's what I'm looking forward to! ATC has his last day of school before Spring Break!!! Yea!!! I guess I overdid that one, huh? And, if Andrew and Sam aren't doing any better tomorrow, they get to go see the doctor! Plus, Adam is packing up to go again. That always leaves me with mixed feelings. Oh, while I'm thinking about it, I finally came up with an Indian name for'll have to let me know what y'all think...."BOXERS THAT BUNCH". I even got a little smile out of him today for that one.

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