Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

Okay, I thought it was the Easter Bunny, not a cat! This would be Ziggy...he just can't leave the plastic grass alone...stupid cat!
Andrew fell asleep on the couch, but not before he commandeered Sam's Curious George and Makenna's little bunny. He had some of his stuff too. He reminds me of the birds that steal shiny stuff. We saw an Easter Bunny being driven around town in a convertible this morning. Andrew was in awe. Then he asked me if the real one was going to come to our house tonight!
If anyone truly knows me, they will recognize the significance of this picture! Yep, he would be my son! When I was younger...and yes, even at times presently, I had an affinity for water. No matter where it was or how it was contained, I would manage to get wet. Yes, my awesome, brilliant son found water in the desert! Okay, it was just in the middle of the park, but still brilliant!
Andrew holding up the "Tortuga" ramada at the park.
Andrew cleaning the sand off of his feet and drying off a bit on the playground.

ATC and Samuel sharing Sam's first trip down the slide.
Sam likes the swing much better!
Andrew showing off his kite flying skills!
Makenna and Sam in the "Cadillac". This is one nice stoller and a reasonable price it was~
Debbie and Sam catching some shade.

This was how we spent Good Friday. A beautiful afternoon at the West Wetlands Park. It was nice to get out with all of the kids. I don't know if our adoring public felt the same way, but I think they will get over it! We all went to the local BK (sorry Cass!) and then headed to the park for a couple of hours. I'll be glad when Sam is walking so he can enjoy the playground more. The big castle/fort area has a recycled rubber cover that is so nice. I'm curious to see how it will weather the Yuma summer.
I have BYU TV on my satellite and was flipping through channels the day before yesterday. There was a broadcast from the 2005 Women's Conference. A lady was speaking about depression. That caught my attention right away so I decided to listen while I folded laundry (exciting, I know!). She a family therapist for LDS Family Services and I was impressed by her "genuineness". She discussed how blessed she was in her job because she was able to incorporate the teachings of the Gospel in her practice because her clients are LDS and they have been encouraged to tie it all together with clients. I can't remember her name~ she said the best results she has seen in her practice is the prescibing of "exercise therapy". It seems to have the lowest recurrence of relapse within a 6 month time frame. She also reminded me of the power of our own thoughts for health and wellness. See, I know all this stuff, but I tend to get caught up in all the little things and I can't see the forest for the trees! She said that only 1-3 percent of those treated for depression truly need medication. AMAZING! That statement set my itty bitty brain to humming and pondering my health issues of late. Yesterday, as I was opening email I got one of my trusty newsletters from one of the many "baby" companies and they were discussing postpartum health. How the majority of women with chronic health issues can tie it to the birth of one of their children. They gave some specifics on replenishing vitamin stores in your postpartum body and how critical it is to do so. All I can say, is this...I know~ I've said a lot already...I'm so grateful for my Heavenly Father and grateful for the knowledge that He answers my prayers for me. He's not always going to make me heal instantly, but He will put resources in front of me and give me that choice to be faithful or the choice to wallow in self-pity. I know quite a few people that can relate to my scenario...I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 6 years with about a 3 month break in there somewhere! What is it Jeff Foxworthy know you're a Mormon if....
My resolve is to work on my health...emotional and physical. I'm the only one that can do it for me. To heck with New Year's resolutions! I'm all for Easter resolutions...celebrating the rebirth of all that is good and pure...the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Spring...and I have got to make sure Andrew knows it's not about having the Easter Bunny visit in the morning. It's about remembering all that Jesus did for all of us, leaving us with hope and a sure knowledge that He took all of our sins, pain, suffering upon Himself so we would have the opportunity to be with Him again.

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