Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some Fun, Some Serious

Springy Tulip!

(b) Aunt Deborah (F) L to R: Aunt Carmen w/ Makenna, Aunt Rose, ATC at Uncle Candy's house
Uncle Moses with Makenna at the hospital

Cute Makenna at 2 months old
10 lbs 3 oz
22 1/4"
Easter Day 2008
*thanks for the dress Aunt Judy!*

“I often wonder why we, as human beings, spend so much of our lives focusing on the negative aspects of our most difficult experiences rather than seeing them for what they truly are: our greatest teachers. Once and for all come to realize that pain is a teacher and failure is the highway to success. Begin to see your troubles as blessings, resolve to transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones and vow to turn your wounds into wisdom.” Robin S. Sharma

I borrowed this quote from another blog I like to lurk around. I have been having thoughts like this and reading material like this for about a week now. It's interesting how the information keeps "popping" up for me.

From one mood to the other! I just finished laughing my socks off...I read one of my favorite blogs because she makes me laugh...she had been watching Dances With posed the question of what would your Indian name be if you had one. She came up with some great ones and I had to share the one that my husband gave me years ago...Panties Too Tight! Of course the logical response from her then is "How did 4 kids happen then?" Hmmm....

So, I pose to everyone that may look at this and have an immediate response to "What would your Indian name be?" to please share it! Hilarious! Oh, but please keep it clean...Adam came up with names for Elli and Wendy when they were little. Wendy was Colonel Bogus Whine and Elli was Admiral Wolfgang Cry. Our boys are still in the process of earning theirs!

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