Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah....

Do you ever have days when you feel like no one is listening? You could look right at someone (even someone you know loves you beyond measure!) and start mumbling gibberish and they would respond as if on auto-pilot.I haven't had just a day of this, I've had a week! And frankly, I am annoyed. Okay, maybe my feel bads aren't feeling so good right now either. Maybe it's an adjustment issue, maybe I'm too sensitive, maybe what I'm saying just doesn't matter anymore....blah, blah, blah...I have talked to friends/family this week only to have them have to "go" rather abruptly. If it was just one, I would roll with it, but it has been too many! Maybe it's a phase...maybe I'm being prepared for the teen years when I should never be seen or heard...I've heard they really do that....Well, I don't like it!!
Okay, that is off my chest, I will cease to whine. Just a couple of important things to note this week...My oldest niece, Carlee, turns 31 tomorrow! Oh man, maybe I should say my 1st niece...Happy B-Day, Carlee. In the days following her birth, my life and world changed. She and her sisters became my life for a time. They helped me focus outside of myself when I desperately needed to. Carlee is an amazing woman and mother. Carlee, you deserve the best of everything and I hope your birthday is fabulous. I love you a bunch!
On the baby side of things, I have been told to cease and desist breastfeeding asap. Of course to go cold turkey would be another torture in and of, we are cutting back. My body is all out of whack and my blood pressure won't respond to the medication, so he needs to prescribe something stronger. Not responding to weight loss either. He told me he'd let me be nuts long enough and refused to be the one to tell my children why I wasn't here anymore. The headaches are getting more frequent. So, I guess I will quit looking at him when he's talking and only hearing BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. EWWWW, I just recognized a pattern...hmmm. In all seriousness, he's let me do what I want for far too long against his better judgement and finally just unloaded. So, Doc, I am at attention and scared about this situation.
One more casualty of the post-partum hair! As I watch it land in the trap of my shower, I think about how much each strand costs to color every 6-8 weeks. ***sigh***I'm praying I am not snatched bald before the family events we have planned for May. My DH would maybe loan me some chest hair ....that's a thought!
Makenna got the cutest package in the mail today from her big sister, Wendy. She made her a little skirt and headband! I will post a picture of her in it when it fits her...and that shouldn't be too long. Just for the record, Mak smiled when I showed it to her. Smart baby!
All four of them! I looked at this picture and was stunned to realize that I have actually borne four! Amazing!
Whenever I put the blanket down for Mak, Sam makes a beeline. When he's not manhandling her, he just lays peacefully beside her. It's beautiful.

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