Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thoughts from my Uterus...oops I mean Heart!

Grandson James 5 months old
Future QB or Rhodes Scholar!

Wendy and James

Adam, Wendy and James

Makenna is 15 weeks on Monday!

Her personality is really starting to blossom.

Okay, this is an official "I miss Wendy" post. I have been thinking a lot about my children the past couple of days (BIG surprise!) and how different they are from each other. That led me to thinking about when Wendy and I first became mother/daughter and the looks we would get and some comments. Reminded me of an article I read months ago and loved! So, hopefully this link will work...I'm still kind of new at this

We went into a Babies R Us last November when we were both pregnant...CUT the hysterical laughter...we know the jokes! The lady behind the counter asked how we were related. Picture this: Me (pasty white, green eyes, brown hair, she could actually tell I was pregnant--not just overly self-indulgent!), pushing a 13 month old boy who is very dark skinned, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. We are with a beautiful very pregnant young woman with black hair and dark brown eyes who is accompanied by her husband who is blond, blue eyed and not as pasty as me! When I said she was my daughter (I LOVE doing that!) she said "Oh?" Then I explained how Wendy was a gift, that I bore her in my heart. No physical pain with her, so I was exceedingly blessed to have her.

I have been the receiver of a few comments about Sam. He's much darker than my other children. Wendy was a close match after her summer of lifeguarding at Disney World. The above-mentioned article gave me a good comeback for those comments. I've been thinking about the relationships I have with my children and each one is different. They'll never be the same at the same time as each child is at a different phase in his/her life. I guess different levels of need. Well, I began to ponder all of this yesterday when I was on the phone with Wendy. She casually mentioned they were going to Georgia in the fall. And then some plans for grad school back East. I experienced a MAJOR stab in the chest while saying "Oh, wow." We talked for a bit more before we hung up.

Later, after everyone else was in bed, I had an opportunity to consider what Wendy's move would mean to me. I wanted to jump up and down and shout "No, you can't do it!" I miss her so much already and now she has a son and we'll barely get to see him before they may go. So, I will pose this question to the fair is it to experience the "empty nest syndrome" while my hair falls out from the hormonal adjustments my body is making after having had the "empty nestee's" baby sister?? I knew the Good Lord had a sense of humor when I found out I was carrying #4, but now He may just be toying with me! AAAHHHH!!!

At least she is with her good husband and his wonderful family. I trust them to make good, informed decisions. Oh, one more thing, since I am whining and I said I would try not to do so much of it anymore...I just should get this out since I'm doing it anyway....What about me???WAHHHHH!!!

This leads me to the wrap and how I got here in the first place. When someone asks me where I got my children the answer has to be....a gift from Heavenly Father. Aren't we all?

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Jean said...

I loved this post. I read it a couple of days ago and it has stayed with me. You are truly blessed. Have a safe road trip! Let's go to lunch when you return.