Monday, April 14, 2008

My Hammy Sammy & the Big Deception!

Me and Sam

This nose crunching thing cracks me up!

I owe myself a treat after this!

I think he looks like his nephew, Gregory, here.

Well, tonight was a bit of a milestone. On a couple of different levels. My mom and Debbie came over for dinner. THAT'S not the milestone! Although, they are usually the ones cooking for this exhausted mom and her neglected, starving children...NOT! Okay, yes on the cooking but I hardly have neglected, starving children! Milestones, Milestones...

#1 Teaching Samuel to feed himself. I really think we seasoned parents need to let all you new parents in on a HUGE secret when it comes to teaching a child to feed themselves. Are you ready?? Get a DOG! Not to replace the child, but to clean the floor afterwards. Debbie brought her dog over tonight and woooo weeee was she a great cleaner-upper after dinner! She's not nicknamed "Hoover" (as in vacuum) for nuthin! She even did better on the baby's high chair tray than a Clorox wipe! (Just kidding, honey! really...) Too bad she doesn't clean cat litter boxes...oh, wait she has done that on occasion! Oh, ick! Where did I put the wipes????

#2 Getting Andrew to eat something other that toast or dry cereal. He decided after trying sloppy joes last week...ONLY the meat, Mom, no bread because it has seeds on it...that he liked the meat. So, I made them again tonight and added a special ingredient. Shredded zucchini!
And to top it off, he is still alive and it didn't hurt him one bit. I didn't tell anyone until he had finished his sandwich. And, yes, he had it on a bun this time because Aunt Debbie bought some with no seeds on them. I shredded the zucchini on the fine side and couldn't even tell it was in there once it cooked. I wish I'd had the camera handy when I told him.

We decorated cupcakes after that and watched a short DVD. It was fun...until it was bedtime! Samuel and ATC are so easy to put to bed most of the time. Andrew...makes me want to pull my hair out. BUT, it's my fault! Never EVER nurse your children in your bed! You may get more sleep at the time, but you will lose the advantage in the years to come...once you let em in, you can't get em out! No, he doesn't nurse anymore...he just insists on sleeping across his dad and I and I usually get his feet in my face.

I got an email about a reunion for my Forensics (Speech & Debate) Club in the middle of July. Why do those freak me out? Aside from the fact there is so much more of me to love....and any poor dentist (yeah, right!) would love to get me in the chair and rip my teeth out...(Judy, are you reading this...I swear I will go to the dentist!!) the older I get the worse my anxiety for that profession~anyway, I look forward to seeing everyone and I hope I can go this time...we'll just have to see.

One comment about the Big Give last night...excellent decision by the judges to keep all three.

One final note...b. if you read this, I have missed you this week! Get your behiney blogging! And I say that with the utmost respect!


b. said...

Hi Friend,
I'm reading....just not writing right now.
I'm on a little hiatus.
Your babies are so cute! You are so blessed!

Sparcam said...

Hey Stranger!
Great to hear from you! Email may be out your way in the next few weeks and I'd love to have lunch or something. I am blessed beyond measure...not always easy, but definitely worth the struggle! I just wish I could ahve all of my house clean at the same time, just for a day!