Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid Cat!

'Stache and Makenna catchin' some zzzzz's
Yep, still sleeping....
Now she's going for a pose with her big brother, Andrew!

My cat is from another generation. He is officially a part of me for more than half of my life. He just turned 22 in February In his glory days, he topped the scales at a very buff 18 pounds. Okay, I'll admit he had some "swingy skin" on his tummy! His name is 'Stache (like stash). He loves my kids, especially ATC. He's usually the 4th body in my bed every night and doesn't care who he sleeps on as long as he can leech some body heat! He has been fed Science Diet cat food almost exclusively (except during the poor years!) and has been very healthy. If anyone from Science Diet sees this, I am more than open to free cat food! Just contact me and I'll let you know what kind!

Lately, my frustration with him has been growing. He always seems to be at my feet, on my hip if I am laying down, or in my face if I am in my rocking chair. He doesn't care if I am nursing a child, doesn't care if he lays on said child's face...as long as he can get a little comfort from me. Drives me insane! When people come to visit, he especially loves the ones that don't like cats. It almost as if he is trying to convert everyone to his world! Samuel tugs and pulls on him and he just lays there. Samuel will lay on top of him and he just lays there...he's so patient. All he wants is some love.

He is like my child. I get irritated when he's in my face wanting my undivided time...how easy it is to forget how quickly the time goes by. I love telling stories about him and will be the old lady one day that talks about her children and her cat. An old friend of mine noted the other day, "You still have that cat??" Yes, I still have him and will always have him on the deepest levels. Stupid cat!

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