Friday, June 13, 2008

Hidden Treasure

So the boys and I decided to go through all of our old videos and donate the ones we have duplicate DVD's of to the Pediatrics floor at our local hospital. I had forgotten what we had on our video cabinet...lots of cool things that tags had fallen off of so each one was a surprise. Just to give you a little taste...the first one we discovered was a video that Wendy and some of her friends created at their Grad Night celebration years ago. They were lip-syncing to the song "Tainted Love". I thought the boys were going to turn inside out when they realized who they were watching. I actually began to cry! It was a happy cry, though. It's just amazing to me how much she has grown in the last few years.

The next one was a video my step-dad took 10 years ago when we went for a visit for my niece's high school graduation. We took Adam's mother with us since she had never been up there. She'd have been in her late 70's then. The boys, especially Andrew, were enthralled. He has seen pictures of Grandma Eloisa, but was completely fascinated when he heard her talk. I was 7 months pregnant with Little Adam at the time, too. So, they got a kick out of that.

The last one is an old family favorite. Adam had taken Elli and Wendy to Universal in Florida (I hope the details are correct!) and went to the Star Trek part. They got to make about a 10 minute video where they were part of an episode. Elli plays the Captain, Adam is the Vulcan (ears and everything!), and Wendy is an academy graduate. Andrew was amazed. Little Adam loved it. Wendy would have been around his age right now.

We are going to send them up to Wendy and have them transferred from VHS to DVD. Then they will probably become regular family fare! I love it.

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