Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tummy Time & Car Seat Snoozes or Cat Naps & Psycho Hair!

Makenna getting her workout during "tummy time"!

Ziggy taking a nap with Baby Mak(he stays on his side, she on hers!)

Makenna fresh from a bath with a clip for the first time in her hair! Right after I wash her hair, it stands at attention for the rest of the day!

Andrew passed out in Mak's car seat. He has no recollection...but here's the proof!

I love my kids. I am their mother. I try not to let them get away with too much since there are days I feel sorry for them being born with that disadvantage! Do you ever have days when you wonder why anyone would want to be your friend or hang out with you? I think I'm suffering a little from medication hangover/identity crisis/stress/where did all this crap come from in my house and will it ever go away?.../will my kids survive my parenting? You know, the regular stuff!

Then I read some posts on different blogs that brighten my day, give me a laugh or an "awwww" moment. For a few minutes, my issues are minimal. Or, go to pick my older boys up at church and have an invitation extended for a playdate. Or somebody ask sincerely how I am. And they really seemed to want to know!

I started reading Jane Clayson Johnson's book, "I Am A Mother", and it has given me cause to think. There are days when I feel like I get nothing done...or rude comments at church or the store...I was talking to someone last night and whining a bit and she said,"Well you chose this, this is what you wanted!" In other words, "Stop whining about it." Phooey on you! JCJ says it's hard work and I'll have icky days. And, darn it! I'm glad I have you around to take one or two of them varmints for a few hours (or days, occassionally!).

Now, I'm going to sign off and go claim my side of the bed! Thanks for listening!

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