Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Wrap

Makenna, 18 weeks old
Andrew out on the Steamboat Springs...on the Sinclair Dinosaur!
Samuel hamming it up with Andrew and his cousins, Esaycia and Aspyn

Adam in Needles, CA . I love it when he smiles!

Delores (mom) and me at JCP.
The photog says, "Look at each other and smile!" This is my best "Oh, Puhleeaazzze" look.

A couple of disturbing events happened since we've been home. I went for a follow up doctor's appointment for my blood pressure. I tried to be so careful while we were on the road...healthier snacks, eating less, walking whenever I could, took my meds faithfully...well, Wendy commented on a picture from JCP(the ones above) that I looked puffy. Yeah, I have been retaining fluid. My blood pressure was way up in the stroke range when they checked it when we got back. Not to mention a frightening weight gain. Since I was ordered to quit breastfeeding and finally complied, he prescribed 2 more medications with a follow up appointment next week. Frankly, I think I am freaking him out! So I started the meds and am hoping for the best. I really want to be able to travel with DH this summer since I was grounded for most of it last year. It's one thing to be stuck in Yuma's hellish summer by choice...hmmm maybe visions of things to come!!

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