Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Any Keep Cool Ideas Out There?

Andrew, Gram, 'Stache, Makenna

Andrew and Sam in what is supposed to be a sand box (we live in one why have one for them to play in???) that works better for us as a small pool.


My kids adore their Grandma, even my "feline" ones! I do, too. I am so blessed to have her here where she can be near my kids. She also drops everything to come and watch them for me so I can catch a nap occassionally, go shopping unimpeded, or (this is my heaven on earth!) get my hair cut. She's also my second pair of hands when Adam is out of town...and she and Deb help me out at church. Inevitably as soon as the meeting starts, #2 guppy will have to go #2! Some signal that is set in his body, I s'pose, as soon as the Sacrament hymn starts. Have I mentioned he is not a fan of whispering? At one of the quietest points of the meeting (except for Fast and Testimony meeting when the Bishop stares people down to speak! just kidding!) my boy says "Mom, I have to go POOP!" So Grandma and Deb are a big help when I have to run out of the meeting for important stuff.

Anyway, I was hoping to get some fun ideas to keep us desert rats cool down here in the giant sandbox we call home.

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