Friday, July 25, 2008

To corral or not to corral

"Let's see, if I push a little this way...."
...oh, oh, oh, and come back at this angle....
...and throw in a cute little smile... the intended target...
#3 is so cute. He is also the child who is the most wily and gets into everything. I had to lose the awesome little cat water fountain because he decided it was his own personal water supply.
If a litter box wasn't a necessity for my 2 indoor cats...I wish they were as smart as the cat from "Meet the Parents", but the idea of sharing a toilet with a cat, just doesn't thrill me. I have a hard enough time sharing with the men in the house!
The cats seem to go through more cat food now than when I had 3! Sam decided the plain old cat bowl and water dish are an excellent alternative to that sand and water play table at the toy store. I'm just glad he hasn't discovered the clumping action of the cat litter!
He's the first child we've really had to consider and enact any child proofing for. He loves electrical outlets and taking out the "safety covers".
He has decided my vacuum cleaner is his own personal entertainer. It does not matter if it is on or off.
Sam thinks it's comforting to suck on his forefinger and sit next to his little sister and either use her toes to rub on his upper lip or he will put the forefinger from his other hand into her mouth so she can be comforted sounds adorable and actually is...but he's not too discriminating about what he's been digging in...(refer to the above comments about the cat food and cat litter)!
He also likes to put anything he can fit into his mouth, INTO HIS MOUTH! This includes those little micro machines, magnetix, oh! I can't forget the little pop top pieces on the top of the soda cans.
He's uncovered the beauty and absolute wonder of the toilet. It doesn't seem to matter if someone happens to be sitting on it at the time. He will take full advantage of your "inattention" if the opportunity presents itself and reach right in!
Oh, and did I mention today while I was making him lunch he started running through the kitchen (after I told him to stop grabbing the knives!) and he had a plastic grocery bag over his head?
Oh, and the TV, and the computer? And his Dad's paper cutter?....Whew! He'll be 2 in October! Anyone have a fix on exactly how long eternity is?????

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